Back to School: Higher Likelihood of Traffic & Pedestrian Incidents

driver in car stops for pedestrians in crosswalk

With school starting up again, it’s important for both drivers and pedestrians to be cautious. Your behavior can keep you and others safe.

Sadly, even though Canadian authorities have made a lot of effort in lowering pedestrian traffic injuries, there is an increase in pedestrian deaths each year.

This is why drivers and pedestrians need to do everything possible to protect themselves (and others) to avoid accidents. It’s always a good idea to remind yourself and your loved ones on how to do this.

Here are some important tips you can follow.

Get Refreshed on the Rules

person crossing street at crosswalkEven if you think you know the rules of traffic safety, make sure to go through them again. You never know what you might have missed or forgot. Knowing all the signals, signs, and rules in traffic is essential for your protection.

When Ottawa drivers are keenly aware of the rules of the road, things flow better and the likelihood of collisions & injuries is reduced.

When pedestrians know the rules drivers must follow, it will be easier to anticipate their actions and avoid any accidents.

Furthermore, always give others room to follow the rules and don’t just simply expect it from them. Try to establish eye contact with them and figure out whether they see you or not. Don’t just assume that they will do what’s right.

Walk Safely, Drive Safely

child plays in streetDrivers need to be on the lookout for pedestrians – as well as other vehicles, of course – at all times. Don’t assume that pedestrians will only cross at the crosswalk or when your stoplight is red. Children may dart out onto the road suddenly. You can anticipate this happening when driving in residential neighbourhoods and near schools, parks, etc.

Pedestrians should make sure to use the crosswalk when you need to cross a street. In case there is no crosswalk, look for one close by. If there isn’t any, find a clear part of the road which has lots of visibility. Wait until there is absolutely no vehicle nearby and cross the road safely. Never cross highways this way.

Walk on the sidewalk at all times and, if there isn’t any, walk near the side of the street facing the drivers. This is how you will have better visibility and be able to react if someone passes way too near you. Never walk near roadways or highways where laws don’t permit pedestrians.

Always Be on Alert

child rides bike in street with car approachingPedestrians often don’t see themselves as part of traffic, and they simply get too relaxed when walking outside. This makes it easier to get distracted and get into a potentially dangerous situation. Pedestrians need to rely on their ears and eyes to notice things that are happening around them.

Avoid typing messages on your phone or listening to music while walking in public. They can easily take away your attention and put you in direct danger. There are many examples of how people have injured themselves while looking at their phones.

If You Have Been the Unfortunate Victim of a Pedestrian Traffic Injury, I Can Help

These are some basic but essential guidelines you should stick to.

Sadly, some people do end up getting hurt due to a driver’s negligence. I help people get educated on their rights when it comes to injuries, and I take pride in representing people who are owed compensation for their pain, suffering, lost wages and more.

If you’ve been in a car accident in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario or elsewhere, contact me for guidance and legal help.