You’ve Been in an Auto Accident: What Are Your Rights?

car crashed front end

There’s no doubt that experiencing an auto accident can significantly impact your life. Potentially, there are injuries to both you and your loved ones to worry about, as well as trying to continue to live and maintain your regular life.

Going through an auto accident in Ottawa and indeed all of Ontario involves significant legal issues. This is where many people make a big mistake.  Simply put, they aren’t aware of their legal rights. Are you wondering what you should do next? The first thing you need to do is get a personal injury lawyer to inform you of your rights, as well as to act on your behalf to get the compensation that you may deserve.

You have rights and options. There are resources available to help you maximize your recovery and fight for your personal injury rights. That’s my area of expertise.

Have You Been in a Car Accident?

I am an experienced personal injury lawyer in Ottawa and I can handle the complicated and sometimes frustrating details of auto, disability and other personal injury matters. If you’ve been a victim of an auto accident or have otherwise been injured, you may have suffered serious physical injury as a result, including such injuries as:

  • Severe bone fractures, disc herniation or torn ligaments
  • Deep skin lacerations & skin burns
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • bicycle and car in collision on roadChronic pain
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Possible paralysis or amputations
  • Damage to vital organs & internal bleeding
  • Traumatic brain injury, headaches & concussion
  • Cognitive impairment

All of these personal injuries and disabilities, regardless of fault, have the potential to produce significant losses, consequences and expenses for the person involved.  As a result, people who have been in an auto accident, or otherwise suffered personal injury, should know excatly what their rights are, as well as how to obtain fair and just compensation.

Compensation for Pain & Suffering Due to an Auto Accident

man injured in auto collisionI’m always willing to speak with victims of auto accidents – and other personal injury matters – who want to understand their rights and options. It is my passion not only to share this knowledge with you, but to be able to help you get what you deserve!

This includes the right to get compensation for pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of housekeeping and home maintenance ability, medical treatment, rehabilitation and other compensation.

Benefits are generally available to all persons who were injured in a car accident in Ontario. The first step to getting what you deserve as a victim might seem to be to deal only with your insurance company. But that can be a complicated and convoluted process if you do so on your own, and you might end up saying or doing something that hinders your case.

That’s why I recommend speaking with a legal expert who can better make you aware of your rights and options.  If you choose to hire me, I would be your voice and champion in the process.

Professional Legal Representation

If you have been injured in an auto accident, getting professional legal representation can make a huge difference in getting your life back to normal and receiving the compensation that you may deserve.

As a highly qualified lawyer specializing in personal injury, I will ensure that your voice is heard and I will help advance your claim against those who may be responsible for your damages and losses.

Contact me today for a free consultation to go over your case and find out more about your legal rights and options.