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Slip and Fall Claims

A person can suffer serious personal injury as a result of a slip and fall.  There are many types of slips/trips and falls.  A slip...
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Don’t Ever Drive Without Auto Insurance

If you are driving a motor vehicle and you do not have insurance for the vehicle, you will not be able to make a personal...
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Loss of Competitive Advantage

LOSS OF INCOME/LOSS OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Many people wonder if they can recover damages (money) for loss of income in their personal injury claim even...
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Long-Term Disability Benefits

If you have been injured or suffer from a disability, you may qualify for Long-Term Disability Benefits. What Is Long-Term Disability Insurance? Some people have Long-Term...
Ottawa Slip & Fall Lawyer can help you.

Beware! New Law for Many Slip & Falls in Ontario

The Government of Ontario has recently amended the Occupiers’ Liability Act by way of Bill 118.  The key part of this amendment is summed up...

Clear the snow and ice from your vehicle

A man in Winnipeg was slapped with a ticket for almost $240 for driving with an “unsecured load” of snow on his van.   It has...
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